Day 13 – Sunday Not Funday

Sunday is usually the day that we go grocery shopping for the week; but we actually had time to do it yesterday since we didn’t have major plans. Today was a day of cleaning. I need to go through tons of stuff and get rid of things to make my space more enjoyable. Garth and I also worked on planning out some different meals for this week. Through this Whole30, we’ve gotten better about not wasting food. See our Thingamajig of the Day for how we are accomplishing this.

Day 13

What went well?

MG– I continued to eat 3 meals that were compliant and didn’t even snack being at home all day.

G– Trying new foods and keeping things different.

What could have gone better?

MG– I need to work on getting more fats and carbs into my meals. I’ve still been tired but I think working on water consumption and looking at what I eat will help this.

G– Still hard when you aren’t in your normal routine to eat 3 meals.

What will you do tomorrow?

MG– I am looking forward to the meals we’ve made and am excited for the week of planned food that we have.

G– Eat the food that we have prepped and enjoy the variety of things we’ve made!

Thingamajig of the Day:

I gave Garth this magnetic weekly meal planner for Christmas from Amazon and it’s turned out to be very handy! We write out our meals and then in the “notes” section, we make sure to write down all the produce/meat that we have that could go bad within the week. It helps us to be accountable to make sure we use these items before they go bad. How do you make sure your produce doesn’t go bad?

Magnetic meal planner

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