Day 24-Grill Master Garth

Today was another long day at work and while I know that my co-worker and got a lot done, I still felt like I was just spinning my wheels. I was excited to get off at a normal hour and deliver some wire spools to my favorite store owners at Goose Feathers. I hope to be sharing what I will be making for them in the next couple weeks. Then it was home to cook dinner on the grill and meeting with our friend and owner of Pint + Pile to work on a special surprise for Stuff and Thingamajigs!

Day 24:

What went well?

MG-I drank a lot of water, happy dance! (Update–it was a gallon) And I ate three incredibly balanced meals, with lots of veggies.

G-Four days with only two people in my office has been crazy and I am just happy to say my tiger blood was strong and while tempted to break, I remained strong.

What could have gone better?

MG-I ate my breakfast because I knew I had to, but it really wasn’t what I wanted. Chorizo is my new love…

G-For me its changing my mind set about Food Freedom. As a Type A person, I like when things are completed, so changing my mindset that this journey has just begun,  has been a challenge for me.

What will you do tomorrow?

MG-Garth is leaving for the weekend, so I will have to cook for myself. I think I can manage, and I’m going to a new meatball recipe.

G-I will be traveling again this weekend to go take care of my Sadie dog and visit with my sister. I am excited to be able to cook for her, as she has enjoyed embracing aspects of Whole30 and has considered doing one in the future.

Thingamajig of the Day:

I have mentioned before I love to grill and I was excited that it was a gorgeous evening for it when I got home. What I discovered however in the evening light was that my grill was in desperate need of a cleaning. Enter the grill masters best friend Reynolds Aluminum Foil. I know, I know not that exciting. But I bet you haven’t used it like this before. Wad up a small ball of aluminum foil and turn the grill on low heat and let sit closed for 5 mins. With your grilling tongs rub the aluminum foil across the grill and there you have it. A clean grill and a new “wire” brush which maybe cost you 15 cents.

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