Warning: During reintroduction you are supposed to be highly aware of your body. This can mean there are  some gross things I’m reflecting on, you have been warned 🙂 

I followed through with my introduction plan of grains on Thursday. I had a muffin with breakfast, toast with lunch, and rolls with dinner. The only true affect I could notice on Thursday was that I felt fuller than usual after eating. Which in my mind, makes sense, think of all the restaurant that supply bread before you eat. These places hope you will fill up on bread, thus feeling like your meal is larger than it really is, my two cents at least.

Friday felt like a normal day, no real side affects to speak of. I did experience some gas, but I’m not sure that was related to the grain or the veggies I ate for lunch.

Saturday was a full day of shopping and building for Goose Feathers. It’s 10pm as I am writing this and despite being on my feet and working most of the day I am full of energy and feel normal.

Conclusion: While I typically don’t eat grains on a daily occurrence on or off Whole30, if they are part of a special meal or company outing I will probably partake.

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