Reintroduction Plan

Mary Gwen has decided that she is going to take the Slow Roll approach to reintroduction, while I am looking to do a Fast Track. Slow Roll basically means that you are going to remain Whole30 and then when you decided that you want something non-Whole30 you try it and see how your body reacts. Fast Track, is a more systematic approach by reintroducing one aspect that is absent from the Whole30 a day and then returning to Whole30 for two days to reflect on how your body reacts. At the end of reintroducing you then reflect and decided what is worth it and what is not. I am glad that we are both taking different options so we can share how reintroduction can vary. Here is my current reintroduction plan:

Day 1: Grains

Breakfast: Add muffin to my breakfast of eggs, sausage, and greens.

Lunch: two slices of whole wheat toast with tuna fish and cucumbers

Dinner: Dinner roll with a our Whole30 meal that was made possible by the excellent staff of the Greater Greer Chamber and Embassy Suites on Verde as we attended the 80th Annual Celebration of the Greater Greer Chamber.

Day 4: Dairy

Breakfast: Cheese with my eggs and my normal sausage and greens.

Lunch: Sour cream, butter and cheese on a potato with a protein.

Dinner: Ice cream after Dinner

Day 7: Added Sugar

Breakfast: Sugar with my morning tea and my breakfast of eggs, sausage, and greens.

Lunch: Cookie after normal lunch

Dinner: Brownie after normal dinner.



My plan is to share any side affects, physical or emotional at the end of the each reintroduction and reflection period. Check back Saturday to discover how my body reacts to GrainsI also want to give a big thank you to Embassy Suites on Verde for not only accommodating our dietary needs at the event, but by going above and beyond to make our evening special and help us feel included in the festivities. When it was time for dessert, we both politely declined knowing that nothing they had planned to serve would be compliant, but shortly after that a server brought us both a beautiful plate of fresh fruit to the envy of most of our table. If that isn’t excellent service I don’t know what is. 


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