Meal Prep and Day 1

After talking about doing another Whole30, we decided we would start one in the New Year. Well, I got the stomach flu for Christmas and then Garth had to leave for a training in Atlanta, so we decided to start on January 16th.

We spent the evening before prepping lots of food. We chopped up veggies, made two egg casseroles for breakfasts, whipped up some tuna salad, made some mashed potatoes and put together some salad. We were ready to take on week 1!

If you are considering doing a Whole30, or even if you’re in the process of one, and you haven’t bought Whole30 Day by Day, we highly recommend it. Melissa Hartwig, co-creator of Whole30 walks you through what each day may be like for you. It’s also a way to journal and keep track of how you feel each day. Here’s what our days have started out like:

Side note: We recently began eating at our table. We’ve really enjoyed the routine of talking about our day and then bringing out the Whole30 Day by Day to discuss our Whole30 journey. 

Day 1:

What went well?

MG– It was so nice having food prepped and not having to think about what I would eat for each meal. I drank quite a bit of water and didn’t have any cravings really.

G– Having our food prepped was nice, especially on a busy work day.

What could have gone better?

MG– Honestly, with having our food prepped, I felt like everything went very well.

G– Work was so busy, I would like to be on more of a schedule eating.

What will you do tomorrow?

MG– I’d like to try to keep up with what I’m doing.

G– I’ll make sure to eat breakfast before leaving the house.

Thingamajig of the Day:

How many times have you put a plate over your pot to try to drain water or grease? Or have you gotten one of those plastic partial strainer things with a handle– you know what I’m talking about if you have one– and still managed to burn  your hand or struggled holding both the strainer and the pot? I’ve got just the kitchen tool you need! Go get yourself a Snap ‘N Strain Strainer by Kitchen Gizmo on Amazon the strainer that attaches to your pot! Your life will be changed – at least in the kitchen ! 🙂

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