Day 5, Who Says You Can’t Have Breakfast for Dinner?

As we said yesterday, we knew today would be absolutely busy. Turns out, it was busier than we thought it would be. I went and saw the store owners of Goose Feathers, who are a drop-off location for the Homeless Period Project, while Garth had a funeral to go to. Garth and I then met at Lion’s Roar for our packing party which lasted several hours. By the time clean-up was done and we dropped off materials to one of the founders, we were starving. We were so glad that we knew about cold lunches from Shanna Keller, the Director of Digital Content for the Whole30. We stuffed our faces with an awesome meal; and off we went to the grocery store to prep for the week. 

Cold Lunch of tuna salad, carrots, cucumbers, bell peppers, and avocado. Yes, it is in a FitPacker because we thought we’d have time to eat on the run. 
We had to go to several stores to get our Whole30 compliant items and by then it was getting late. We were excited that our Costco had gotten Aidell’s Chicken and Apple Sausage back in! So, we came home and cooked breakfast! We had sautéed spinach, hash browns, sausage and don’t forget some runny eggs! 
Breakfast for dinner – everyone’s favorite!!

Day 5

What went well?

MG-Having food prepped and eating a big breakfast.

G-Having emergency food in my truck.

What could have gone better?

MG-As what seems to be the daily scenario, drinking more water.

G-Having my water bottle with me at all times.

What you’ll do tomorrow?

MG-Food prep for the coming week and be active in drinking water on a slower day.

G-Food prep and hydration.

Thingamajig of the Day:

We found this item the last time we did Whole30 and it was truly a money saver. It’s the Misto Sprayer. We use it for olive oil, but you could do other oils in it. Spray it on your pans so your eggs don’t stick, or spray it on a baking sheet when roasting some broccoli. You’ll save money and your food won’t stick!

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