Day 9 – Sleepy Blood

You guys, I’ve been on the struggle bus today. I don’t know if it’s from giving blood yesterday or what the deal is. I struggled to get out of bed and I’ve been so tired throughout the day. Hopefully this will pass soon. I just keep reminding myself of how much energy I had on our last Whole30. #tigerbloodahead

Day 9:

What went well?

MG– I drank my half gallon of water! I also felt like I’ve got a better understanding of portions and what I need to not be hungry.

G– I had a lunch meeting and was able to tell everyone there about the Whole30, despite all their doubts, I was able to share and they were impressed by my dedication.

What could have gone better?

MG– Although I did drink my half gallon of water, I could’ve done better by drinking more earlier in the day. #sleeplessnightsgoingpotty

G– Eating at a normal time is a laughable concept to me at this point.

What will you do tomorrow?

MG– I am going to try to do better about drinking 8-12oz of water during an hour so that I don’t just try to get to my goal later in the day.

G– Continue with my daily routine.

Thingamajig of the Day:

Since water has been the topic of discussion for the past 9 days, I wanted to ask: What’s your favorite water bottle?
I love Contigo and have promoted them for years to people. They should hire me! I’ve always used their Addison AUTOSPOUT bottle. The straw seems to help me drink more water and I love the pretty colors! Sometimes Costco will have these on sale – ours has the kids version right now, which my niece and nephew love!! 

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I live in Greenville, SC, am a transplant from Lexington, KY. I love being outdoors, kayaking, and going on adventures. Writing is a way for me to work through my mental health journey and expressing my views that are often difficult to articulate. My hope is my writing is an encouragement and challenge to others. I consider myself to be a mental health advocate and ally for social justice.

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