Day 17, Package Day!!!

I will admit that I am pretty tough on companies. If they have a warranty that says Lifetime, I hold them to it, within reason of course. I also hate when a company tries to apply fine print to their warranties. All of this to say, GreenPan has a great customer service and warranty policy! After emailing them that our pans were scorching no matter the type or amount of oil, I answered a few questions and a week later we had brand new replacement pans. With service like that, we will definitely purchase again.

Day 17:

What went well?

MG-Eating three meals and staying Whole30 even when the office food looked really good.

G-I woke up extra early to make a full and hardy breakfast and also resisted office food.

What could have gone better?

MG-I should have taken more for lunch today, I ended up eating my emergency almonds.

G-I also should have brought more food, but was full enough not to need emergency food.

What will you do tomorrow?

MG-Knowing that tomorrow will be difficult for dinner, I will try to eat a bigger breakfast and lunch. I will also have an arsenal of emergency food, just in case.

G-Prepare for a fun weekend and understand that there will be temptations but we are Whole30 strong!

Thingamajig of the Day:

Today was package day! Not only did we get our replacement GreenPan’s, but we also got our first order of YoungLiving Essential Oils. My sister and mom are really big into essential oils and have seen a lot of benefits from them. From immune health, home remedies, and more! While we are still very new to the oily life, we are excited to have some of our own.

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