Day 22-Cajun Cooking

It’s been a week of surviving for me. With work so crazy, I am exhausted when I get home and cooking or shopping is the last thing that I want to do. But as we have mentioned before there are a few options in our area for eating out on Whole30. I am definitely going to start researching more options in our area and mention Whole30 options to some of my friends in the food industry. Tonight we had an event to go to shortly after Mary Gwen got home. I cooked some hot dogs that we needed to get rid of on the grill and finished off the last of the mashed potatoes we had. Mary Gwen tried to eat the gumbo…

I love to cook guys, its probably one of my favorite things to do. I like trying new recipes and then making them my own by modifying or substituting things. One of my favorite ways to do this is with crockpot recipes. We hate wasting food and we have tried really hard this Whole30 to waste as little food as possible. So when I decided to make the gumbo I wanted to use what veggies we already had that were getting a little old. I also wasn’t going to have time in the morning to add shrimp so it didn’t over cook. While I probably should have modified my spices as well, my late night brain didn’t think of that until after the fact. Should I share my KISS Gumbo Recipe with you?

Day 22:

What went well?

MG-I ate three awesome meals today, including some new recipes.

G-I was able to grab a quick breakfast of boiled eggs, bacon, and a granny smith apple and it was amazing! The gumbo I put in the crockpot last night was also amazing for lunch! Should I share the recipe with you guys?

What could have gone better?

MG-I didn’t drink a lot of water today and I think my spicy taste isn’t ready for cajun food just yet. But chorizo is still amazing!

G-With 5 people out with the flu, I was lucky to eat lunch at all. I also should have brought more for lunch.

What will you do tomorrow?

MG-Try another new recipe and continue to work on my water consumption.

G-Try to survive another day with a skeleton crew and remain Whole30 Strong!

Thingamajig of the Day:

Now here is what is about to blow your mind and bring your crockpot game to a whole new level. Reynolds Kitchen Slow Cooker Liners are amazing when I am pulling my crockpot meal out and into containers. I simply dish everything up and throw the liner away. The part you have to clean might be the top if they meal splattered that’s it! (Mary Gwen does wash the whole thing though) If you haven’t tried these yet, you’re probably scrubbing that crockpot until your fingers hurt! Go get yourself some today, you won’t regret it.

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