Day 30 – Whole Lotsa Lovin’

It funny to think that this is our second Valentine’s Day on the Whole30, completely by accident. When we started this Whole30 neither of us did the math to know when it would end. But as luck would have it, its ending on Valentines Day. Now last year, I admit I was a bit saddened that I couldn’t take Mary Gwen to a nice restaurant for our first Valentines. However, the surprise and huge smile when she walked in to a candle light dinner of Seared Scallops, Roasted Potatoes, and Blanched Asparagus made up for it. This year I was informed that I was to not spend money on her or cook scallops. Too bad, I already had something in mind for her. Hopefully she won’t be too upset. I am changing it up by cooking Garlic Roasted Steak with a Sweet Potato and Kale Hash. I am writing this before dinner, so we will see how she likes it below.

Day 30:

What went well?

MG– I felt really good all day, except for being hungry. The meal that G prepared was amazing and the garlic made the dish even better!

G– I enjoyed cooking another romantic dinner on the Whole30 and being able to surprise MG with something new.

What could have gone better?

MG– I’m not sure why I was so hungry today but I sure was glad to have emergency food in my office. I think I may need to start eating more fat again.

G– While the stuff fajita chicken was good it could’ve been more filling there was a salad or something to accompany it.

What will you do tomorrow?

MG– I need to re-stock my emergency foods in my office. I can’t believe we are already done with Whole30. I intend to keep eating this way for awhile longer and just do a slow roll into reintroduction.

G– I have already planned my reintroduction. I will be reintroducing starting tomorrow. Check out our next post for my reintroduction plan!

Thingamajig of the Day:

I’ll be honest, I really haven’t utilized this thingamajig until today. But man I am going to start using it every day,  if it brings this much flavor to dishes. Chances are you might already have this item, but are like us and haven’t taken time to use. What am I talking about? A cast-iron skillet. While I have been very aware of the versatility and usefulness of this age old thingamajig, often times we are scared of its sturdy and rough exterior. I have come to think of like my Papaw, rough around the edges, but butter him up and he was sweet as could be. It can be used for so many things, Whole30 and non. Take a Saturday afternoon and give your old, probably rusted cast-iron skillet, some TLC and reintroduce it to your kitchen and watch how the flavors come alive.

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