NSV – What Could that Mean?

Non-scale victories, or NSV’s, these are ways to evaluate your Whole30 or just to see benefits. If you have Whole30 Day by Day, there’s a list that goes from page 16-19; or you can find it online here. I’d recommend going through this list before starting a Whole30 just to assess where you think you are with some of these items and then coming back to it when you complete your 30 days.

When Garth and I did our first Whole30 in 2017, we weighed ourselves before starting. For our second Whole30, we did not. We both don’t get on the scale unless we go to the doctor and it’s not been a big influencer in our lives. This journey is not about losing weight, although, that can be a benefit as well. This journey is about creating a healthy relationship with food. It doesn’t happen overnight, and it probably won’t happen after your first Whole30.

I’ll be the first to admit, after doing our first Whole30, I felt amazing! I had so much energy and felt like I could take on the world. Then, life and stress took me back into eating junk and I fell off the bandwagon. I wanted to do another Whole30 sooner than we did, and we started but only made it about 4 or 5 days due to not having food prepped and the chaos of things going on at that time.

NSV’s I’ve found after this second round of Whole30:

  • Ability to handle stress better
  • My stomach feels flatter
  • My nails feel so much stronger (thanks to Vital Proteins Collagen)
  • I’ve gone down a hole on my belt
  • My nose seems to run less
  • I crave healthier foods
  • I don’t eat out of boredom
  • I am more motivated
  • I wake up naturally (and earlier – for the most part)
  • Coffee is now a much healthier version and I can enjoy the taste (thanks to Nutpods)
  • Experienced many new recipes (and tried foods that I thought I used to not like)
  • All the stomach problems I used to have are now minimal or gone

While Garth has already started reintroduction, I am still enjoying being completely Whole30 until something strikes my fancy to eat. I was still having cravings towards the end of our 30 days so I felt that it would be a safer option for me to stay Whole30 a little longer. We’ve started reading Food Freedom Forever and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us!

Let us know what foods you struggle with most or what food you reintroduced first. We’d love to hear from you!

And I know some of you have missed our Thingamajig of the Day, so for today’s:

Thingamajig of the day:

I have been mulling it over for awhile, trying to decide on one thing that truly changed, or helped, my 30 days. I can’t come up with just one product. But one product that I’ve used daily, and began using before we started our Whole30 is Vital Proteins. I’ve used their collagen peptides daily and I truly believe that’s what has made my nails so strong. I’ve also used their beef gelatin, and most recently their collagen creamer. I have no way of knowing for sure since in conjunction I was doing Whole30, but I think these items have helped my gut health, my skin, and my nails. The versatility of these products is something that I really like, they can be used in cooking and in beverages. This company is in my life to stay!

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