I cut the cheese.

So sorry we’ve been quiet lately. Work has been crazy busy for me lately and then I’m traveling every weekend in March.

But to give you an update, I decided to reintroduce cheese while we were at the beach this past weekend. Honestly, I haven’t really wanted to reintroduce anything so it’s been an extremely slow process for me. The only reason I really decided to try bringing cheese back in is because we are going to Asheville for G’s birthday weekend and I’ve made reservations at one of our favorite restaurants. They have a dish there that uses goat cheese, so I wanted to make sure I had reintroduced before then.

I’ll cut to the cheese now….

I determined cheese and I are not friends. We need to break up unless it’s totally worth it!! It will be, when we go to dinner for G’s birthday, but other than that particular dish, I will stray away from dairy. As G said in his original reintroduction post, reintroduction can have it’s TMI moments. I was gassy and honestly, I just felt awful and bloated for several days after having cheese. This makes me sad since I do love cheese but I’ve come to the realization that it isn’t worth it to me to feel that way, especially for multiple days.

And for what you all really come here to read about….


G’s mom has been very interested in our Whole30 journey. Before we went to the beach, she knew that I was still eating this way and was so thoughtful and had some of the items that we use daily for us when we arrived. I supposed G had told her that I would probably just end up eating a salad when we went out for their (his mom and his) early birthday dinner, so she had Tessemae’s Ranch for me. But, the coolest thing she had and most useful thingamajig were these Sure Shot Salad Dressing Bottle. It was the perfect amount of dressing to take out to dinner! G has decided to keep his for Tessemae’s Ketchup use!!

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