It’s Time for Another Whole30

Hey guys, its been a while since we have actually posted on the blog and while we know that you love following our stories and meals. I figured today I would take a moment and explain a recent decision that I have made. It’s time for another Whole30.

I honestly can’t remember if I have mentioned it or not, but I had never heard of Whole30 until I started dating Mary Gwen. When she told me about it, it was at the very least intrigued and also wanted to impress her. So, I decided to join her in Whole30. It truly was an amazing experience and we both saw the benefits both NSV and SV.

We have done a couple Whole30’s since then and few resets, but it has been a few months since our real Whole30 and despite my own hesitation I can feel it. While I can’t say I feel the difference from non-Whole30 to Whole30 as much as MG does. I have noticed subtle differences. And while I don’t think I will ever be a Whole30 life person, I do think this is the most sustainable lifestyle I have seen.

A couple things I have learned about Whole30 and FFF are that every person is different. For instance, MG is a very black and white type person. Its all or nothing, which can be both a good and bad thing. But in her FFF it has proven to be difficult. I on the other hand am far more comfortable with the grey. I have seen big changes in my Sugar Dragon and my cravings. While I admit have over indulged at times, I have found I would rather eat Whole30 or use Whole30 approved items over less healthy things.

My decision was simply one of reflection. I haven’t been feeling a 100% recently and I know that my eating has contributed to that. The stress and busy lifestyle of the summer has allowed us both fall into some less the stellar habits. And while I haven’t talked to MG about it, I think we both could do with a solid Whole30.

One thing that I want to attempt this round is to try at least one new recipe each week. Sometimes easier becomes the mantra for Whole30 and I would agree, but variety also plays a big role in not being bored with food. Another thing I hope we can do is have a weekly advice/QA session with our followers. Explain about Whole30, FFF, Thingamajigs, and more. Of course, we will also be doing some giveaways and collaborations, as well.

August 1st is just around the corner and we have a lot of preparation before then, but we hope that some of you will join us on our next Whole30 journey and can’t wait to hear from you!



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I live in Greenville, SC, am a transplant from Lexington, KY. I love being outdoors, kayaking, and going on adventures. Writing is a way for me to work through my mental health journey and expressing my views that are often difficult to articulate. My hope is my writing is an encouragement and challenge to others. I consider myself to be a mental health advocate and ally for social justice.

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