About Garth H.

I live in Greenville, SC, am a transplant from Lexington, KY. I love being outdoors, kayaking, and going on adventures. Writing is a way for me to work through my journey and I hope is an encouragement to others as well. I consider myself to be a mental health advocate, as a person that struggle with anxiety and depression.

Surfside Shrimp

You asked and I will try to answer. After making this meal and other variations of it for my family, I have been asked to put the recipe on paper. A lot of this can be modified to what you have in your fridge. I have done this basic concept with different veggies and proteins. Be adventurous with this and use the below as a simple template.

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Reintroduction to Wine

It’s been awhile since we posted. We will get better about posting once a week!

Honestly, life has been busy. I’ve had a super busy couple of weeks at work and I haven’t really wanted to reintroduce much, but I am now in a book club with a couple of my co-workers. We had book club this past Thursday and for the majority of the foods served there, I was able to eat them. I decided to partake in some wine while there.

I had two glasses. Two different wines. A Chardonnay and a Rosé.

They were wonderful while consuming them but later that evening, my stomach began to hurt. I can’t be certain that it was the wine, even though everything I ate was Whole30. Maybe I ate too much? But it made me realize, unless it’s a special occasion and I truly want it, I won’t be partaking in wine very frequently; not that I drank much before.

Gorgeous spread done by the hostess of bookclub! She included Tessemae’s, fruit, salami, almonds, Siete chips and compliant salsa.

And now for what you really want to see:


Saturday, we spent some time at a pop-up shop that involved several local artisans. One of them is our friend, Ella Marie Handmade, who makes hand-dyed, hand-stitched goods. She was so sweet to give us one of her oil bags. We absolutely love it- each oil can be placed in its own holder. It’s been wonderful for travel and organization! We highly recommend ordering something from her here


Honestly, I’ve gone back and forth on whether to write about my reintroduction of dairy. It happened to be a very stressful and emotional day, which makes it difficult for me to judge whether my reaction was to the dairy or to the situation. For me, my stomach and body in general, doesn’t react well to stress. My stomach typically does several large back flips and my joints often feel achy. However, I am going to attempt to explain what reactions I could isolate as dairy affects.

I modified my original plan for dairy by adding cheese to my lunch, since I was too emotional to eat breakfast. Then, I had some Greek yogurt mid-afternoon, since my meal times were off. I ended with some ice cream after dinner. For the most part the only thing I felt that day was some initial bloating and then some gas. The next day, my gas continued, but other than that nothing  else struck out to me as different. I have to admit, I didn’t really want cheese on my lunch and I am not a fan of Greek yogurt. So for me, I’ll probably do cheese if I am having a special treats or if I am going to enjoy some rare Italian food. It will not be a staple for me in my daily food freedom. I am going to test later, some lactose free dairy products to see if that helps with the gas, more for others than me.